Assertiveness at Work Course

This one day course will help you to express yourself more effectively and give you the techniques to improve your assertiveness and confidence in all business situations. This course will provide a balanced mix of information on assertiveness and communication skills with a range of exercises and case studies that will increase your confidence level. You will find this course very practical and the atmosphere is light with plenty of interactive discussions throughout the day.

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• To learn how to break down the components of assertiveness in order to implement them.
• To assess your strengths and opportunities for improvement in relation to assertiveness.
• To know how to identify negative self-talk and formulate positive self-talk.
• To learn how assertiveness and emotional intelligence are related.
• To learn to prevent conflict situations escalating by changing your approach and improving your responses. To recognise the importance of effective communication in various situations.
• To develop improved interpersonal skills by understanding different personalities and their preferred communication styles.
• To identify listening as an active, constructive process and effectively practise active listening.
• To learn how to use positive statements to lead people towards positive action.

Developing an Assertive style of Communication

  • How to put issues on the table in a clear and confident manner.
  • Understand the barriers to effective listening skills.
  • How to develop persuasive listening skills.
  • Learn question techniques to aid your understanding.

Building self confidence

  • How to appear more approachable and confident.
  • Develop assertive body language to your advantage.
  • Constructive One to One Communication Persuasive Communication.
  • Learn to say ‘No’.

The art of reaching workable compromises

  • Communication within groups.
  • Organisation of groups.
  • The art of collective responsibility.
  • Deal with criticism with confidence.

Deal with  Difficult People and Situations

  • Deal professionally with difficult people Handle conflict and confrontational situations.
  • Develop a positive outlook.

How is this course delivered?

This is an interactive, workshop-style course. Theory and practical learning are blended to create a highly productive learning environment.

What do I need to bring?

Just bring yourself and your interest in learning! We provide refreshments, lunch and course materials on all of our open courses.

Who delivers the course?

We work with a team of trainers who are not only certified training professionals, but carry extensive experience in their chosen training field.

Do I receive tutor support?

Hibernian Training Tutors are dedicated to staying on hand for questions or help long after delegates have attended the course.

Course Type:
Day Course

Is this course open to individuals?
This course is currently only available for onsite or group bookings.

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