Conflict Resolution Skills Course

Conflict doesn’t need to be negative, but the way individuals and organisations deal with it (or fail to deal with it) often makes it that way. This Conflict Resolution Training Course is designed to give you a positive approach to managing, resolving and, where appropriate, preventing conflict.

• The ability to identify and deal with the behaviours that trigger conflict.
• An understanding of different approaches to conflict.
• The skills to find common ground on which to build agreement.
• Confidence to confront people assertively.
• Skills to control your own anxiety, anger and fear.
What is Conflict and why does it Happen?

  • Define conflict and outline its positive and negative aspects.
  • Identify the causes of conflict.
  • Spot the symptoms that indicate conflict is brewing.
  • Outline the reasons why conflict should be addressed.

Conflict in Teams and Organisations

  • Work with the stages of team development and guide teams through the stages that involve conflict.
  • Foster positive relationships in your team.
  • Identify ways your organisation could do more to prevent conflict.

Reaching Agreement

  • Move beyond stated positions to hidden interests.
  • Listen effectively to uncover the issues.
  • Ask precise questions to explore and address conflict.
  • Act assertively to move resolution forwards.
  • Deal effectively with difficult emotions.

Mediation Conflict

  • Identify situations where mediation is appropriate.
  • Explain what mediation is and how it works, to get people on board.
  • Set up and run a mediation session.
  • Resolve impasses using key mediation skills.


Can individuals attend this course?

This course is currently only available for group or in-company (onsite) bookings.

How many participants can attend?

We recommend no more than 12 participants in each group to allow time for questions and 1 to 1 feedback with the group trainer.

How is this course delivered?

This is an interactive, workshop-style course. Theory and practical learning are blended to create a highly productive learning environment.

What do I need to bring?

Just bring yourself and your interest in learning! We provide refreshments, lunch and course materials on all of our open courses.

Who delivers the course?

We work with a team of trainers who are not only certified training professionals, but carry extensive experience in their chosen training field.

Do I receive tutor support?

Hibernian Training Tutors are dedicated to staying on hand for questions or help long after delegates have attended the course.

Course Type:
Day Course

Course Duration:
1 Day




Is this course open to individuals?
This course is available for onsite, group or individual bookings.

Course Location:

38 Fenian St.,

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