Personal Effectiveness Courses

Our Personal Effectiveness Courses are designed to deliver proven techniques that work in the real world, not just in the training room. These courses can be delivered in Dublin, at your offices or at external training facilities across the country.

In addition to the many off-the-shelf public courses, HibernianTraining’s experienced Business & Interpersonal Skills trainers can tailor a training course to meet your specific objectives.

Wellness Workshop Course

This course will help you on your path to creating a culture of wellbeing and health in your work and life environments.

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Presentation Skills Course

This course offers public speaking training; showing you how to overcome your presentation worries and deliver a powerful presentation that has real impact.

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Emotional Intelligence Course

This engaging one day Emotional Intelligence course will provide you with a depth of personal insight and enhance your ability to use your emotional intelligence to feel more positive and be more effective throughout your life.

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Business Writing Course

This highly practical one-day Business Writing Course takes you through the essential steps in the craft of effective written communication; including how to hook your ‘readers’ and ensure your message delivers.

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Assertiveness at Work Course

This one day course will help you to express yourself more effectively and give you the techniques to improve your assertiveness and confidence in all business situations.

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Comunication and Assertiveness Course

This course will provide a balanced mix of information on assertiveness and communication skills with a range of exercises and case studies that will increase your confidence level.

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The Art of Negotiation Course

Discover why professional negotiators take a win/win approach to negotiation.

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