The Effective Meetings Course

Today we need to run or attend fast effective inspiring meetings with lots of relevant discussion, good decision making and actions committed to and acted upon?

On this course you will learn how to facilitate effective meetings. Learn how to engage participants, keep the meeting and everyone on track, confidently handle ‘difficult’ behaviours such as people talking over each other, individuals dominating and non-engagement.

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The Importance and Objectives of Meetings

  • Weekly Team Meetings.
  • Monthly One-to-Ones.
  • To understand the mechanics of meetings.
  • To be able to prepare an agenda and to understand its importance.

Meeting Preparation

  • Identifying the different types of meetings.
  • Isolating the common problems and difficulties that occur in meetings.
  • Structuring the various phases of the meeting.
  • Identifying clearly the role and responsibilities of the chairperson.
  • Adopting the appropriate tone and structure.

Conducting an Effective Meeting
Using various techniques to make people interact with each other

  • Dealing with problematic attendees.
  • Controlling flow and time.
  • Encouraging participation from all attendees.

The Importance of Technology in Meetings

  • Points to consider for a successful virtual meeting.
  • Personalized feedback and input on how to make your virtual meetings work.

Communications Skills

  • Questioning and listening techniques.
  • Identifying the key message and the needs of the audience.
  • Developing your personality to build rapport more easily and successfully.
  • Practising persuasion techniques to feel more confident in dealing with others.
  • Handling misunderstandings.
  • Maintaining assertiveness
  • The Minutes
  • Taking minutes of a meeting

Can individuals attend this course?

This course is currently only available for group or in-company (onsite) bookings.

How many participants can attend?

We recommend no more than 12 participants in each group to allow time for questions and 1 to 1 feedback with the group trainer.

How is this course delivered?

This is an interactive, workshop-style course. Theory and practical learning are blended to create a highly productive learning environment.

What do I need to bring?

Just bring yourself and your interest in learning! We provide refreshments, lunch and course materials on all of our open courses.

Who delivers the course?

We work with a team of trainers who are not only certified training professionals, but carry extensive experience in their chosen training field.

Do I receive tutor support?

Hibernian Training Tutors are dedicated to staying on hand for questions or help long after delegates have attended the course.

Course Type:
Day Course

Is this course open to individuals?
This course is currently only available for onsite or group bookings.

Course Location:

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