Lean Six Sigma White Belt Course

On this one-day Lean Sigma Introductory course participants will learn
about Lean Sigma principles and the practical application of these
tools and techniques, as well as how they can actively direct, manage
and participate in these programs.

This one day course is aimed at the business owners, senior managers,
staff manager , internal consultants, decision makers and those
involved in strategic planning of business activities. It is a useful
course for bringing the company’s Management Team to a common
understanding of the capabilities, goals and objectives of a Lean Sigma.

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• An Understanding of the history and reasons for Lean six sigma.
• An overall understanding to the concepts, tools and principles of
• An overall understanding to the Six Sigma philosophy, the DMAIC
methodology and the tools and techniques used in Six Sigma.
• An understanding of the similarities, differences and practical
applications of both Six Sigma and Lean approaches.
• An understanding of how Lean Six Sigma can be integrated into the
company’s management systems.
• Some initial criteria and guidelines for selecting, reviewing and
evaluating Lean Six Sigma projects.
• A fundamental understanding of how these programs can be applied
to deliver an effective continuous improvement program to reduce
waste and variation in the business.

• History of Lean sigma.
• Understanding DMAIC (Define measure
analysis Improve & control).
• Customer journey mapping.
• Understanding the tools and techniques.
• Introduction to Hoshin Kanri Strategy
planning tools.
• Understanding FMEA (Failure Mode &
Effect Analysis).
• The role of a project sponsor.
• The nature of change and overcoming
resistance to change.
• Tools and techniques for effective change
and Business transformation.

How is this course delivered?

Our Lean Six Sigma White Belt course is an interactive, learner-focused workshop. Theoretical learning is combined with practical application including project work, group activities and discussions.

Who delivers this course?

Our trainers are experienced Lean Six Sigma professionals who have led business excellence projects and delivered breakthrough process improvements and cost savings across a range of business areas.

Can I attend this training as a public course?

Due to demand, we currently only offer this Lean Six Sigma White Belt course as an in-house or group training option.

What certification will I receive?

When you complete this course and the related assessment work, you will be awarded a Hibernian Training Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certificate.

Course Type:
Day Course

Is this course open to individuals?
This course is currently only available for onsite or group bookings.

Course Location:

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