Mastering Difficult Conversations Course

This course is for anyone who has to handle difficult, sensitive or highly-charged conversations at work as part of their role. It’s particularly suitable for managers but could be useful for people working in a wide variety of roles.

Some of the conversations we have at work can be much more difficult than others. They might cover sensitive or emotional topics, like addressing under-performance or delivering bad news. These sorts of difficult conversations require planning, sensitivity and clarity in order to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone.

This course gives learners proven techniques for managing these conversations with confidence. Everyone attending will be guided through ways to get the message across using the most appropriate style and tone. This course highlights best practice for the most common difficult conversations.

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• Clear plans for dealing with common difficult conversations.
• A range of tools and techniques that will give you confidence in any situation.
• Insight into the psychology of difficult conversations, and how it applies to your interactions.
• Ways to ‘de-escalate’ situations from an emotionally charged or conflicting state.
• Knowledge of how to overcome defensive feelings and aggression.
• A balanced approach that will allow you to deliver difficult messages with confidence.

Plan, Prepare and Set Objectives

  • Plan constructively and establish clear objectives.
  • Prepare, deliver and deal with difficult conversations.
  • Getting the right mind set: overcoming the need to be liked.
  • Unlock the psychology of difficult conversations.
  • Learn to break habits and exit comfort zones.
  • How to maintain composure and control.

Attitude and Communication Style

  • Know how to deal with ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ issues: behaviour: attitude : manner : manipulation.
  • How to face difficult conversations, head on.
  • Explore confrontation risks and benefits.
  • Ways to avoid aggression and defensiveness.
  • Pinpoint the most appropriate conversation: style: tone: ego state: language.
  • Build a skill-base to tackle difficult conversations confidently.
  • Systematic approaches and models to lower emotional temperature.

Maximising Outcomes

  • Questioning tips.
  • Interaction strategies.
  • Opening lines.
  • De-escalation techniques.
  • Mirroring strategies.
  • Communication and response skills.
  • Handling defensive feeling.

Specific Conversations
How to handle difficult conversations with confidence:

  • Underperformance.
  • Delivering criticism.
  • Giving bad news.
  • Having to say ‘no’.

Can individuals attend this course?

This course is currently only available for group or in-company (onsite) bookings.

How many participants can attend?

We recommend no more than 12 participants in each group to allow time for questions and 1 to 1 feedback with the group trainer.

How is this course delivered?

This is an interactive, workshop-style course. Theory and practical learning are blended to create a highly productive learning environment.

What do I need to bring?

Just bring yourself and your interest in learning! We provide refreshments, lunch and course materials on all of our open courses.

Who delivers the course?

We work with a team of trainers who are not only certified training professionals, but carry extensive experience in their chosen training field.

Do I receive tutor support?

Hibernian Training Tutors are dedicated to staying on hand for questions or help long after delegates have attended the course.

Course Type:
Day Course

Is this course open to individuals?
This course is currently only available for onsite or group bookings.

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