Presentation Skills Course

A presentation can have many pitfalls and a lot of people feel very anxious delivering them. Even if you’re a confident presenter, there are lots of things to consider when you want to make the best possible impression with your presentation.

This course offers public speaking training, showing you how to overcome your presentation worries and deliver a powerful presentation that has real impact. You will learn to see the subject from the audience’s perspective and structure content for clarity and memory retention.

Practical exercises throughout the course will help you make real progress and see immediate results, whilst small.

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• To learn range of coaching techniques to include powerful questioning, reflecting, paraphrasing, summarising, challenging and giving feedback to encourage employee self-discovery.
• To understand the necessary conditions to ensure effective coaching to include planning for sessions and maintaining appropriate records.
• Improved team performance and the ability to obtain better results through people.
• Increased motivation throughout your team.
• To overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of individual, team and organisational success.
• To establish a coaching programme in your organisation.

Planning and Delivery

  • Three key factors that can make anyone a successful presenter.
  • The importance of identifying a clear objective.
  • Structuring your presentation with the end result in mind.
  • Selecting material for quality not quantity.
  • What holds an audience’s attention and what sends them to sleep.
  • Use of notes and prompt cards.
  • The antidotes for pre-delivery nerves.
  • Structuring a professional PowerPoint Presentation.

Structuring your Presentation

Introductions with impact

  • Creating clear benefits for your audience.
  • Structuring your content clearly.
  • Headlines, body and summary.
  • Using persuasive language.
  • Use of pauses and silence.
  • Closing the presentation memorably.

The Delivery

  • Standing and gesturing to look confident and credible.
  • Vocal skills to give authority and projection to the voice.
  • The latest paralinguistic techniques.
  • Pausing and emphasis to add impact.
  • Question and answer sessions: Handling them concisely.
  • Tips on using visual aids effectively.
  • Practice sessions: with video feedback.

Can individuals attend this course?

This course is currently only available for group or in-company (onsite) bookings.

How many participants can attend?

We recommend no more than 12 participants in each group to allow time for questions and 1 to 1 feedback with the group trainer.

How is this course delivered?

This is an interactive, workshop-style course. Theory and practical learning are blended to create a highly productive learning environment.

What do I need to bring?

Just bring yourself and your interest in learning! We provide refreshments, lunch and course materials on all of our open courses.

Who delivers the course?

We work with a team of trainers who are not only certified training professionals, but carry extensive experience in their chosen training field.

Do I receive tutor support?

Hibernian Training Tutors are dedicated to staying on hand for questions or help long after delegates have attended the course.

Course Type:
Day Course

Course Duration:
1 Day

Is this course open to individuals?
This course is currently only available for onsite or group bookings.

Course Location:

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