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There is a lifestyle aspect to all health challenges and lifestyle improvement is much easier with coaching in the form of allies. For many companies, today’s culture is moving towards health and wellness. This movement can stir your businesses success and largely determine how well connected your company is toward a supportive culture of wellness in the workplace. Healthcare and wellness professionals with wellness coaching skills can effectively guide your company towards the lifestyle changes needed to retain staffing and increase productivity. Health & Wellness Workshops can provide a structured, proven methodology that effectively supports both company and individual movement toward healthy lifestyle change.

Our Trainer

Pierce Keegan

Founder of WellnessCoach.ie works with company directors, executives and their employees as well as solopreneurs to help them become the healthiest version of themselves. After coaching people for over 2 decades, Pierce knows where the health & wellness divide is.

Pierce has a simple no nonsense approach to getting back to basics. In his own words, “Through our lack of making simple decisions about our health and wellbeing on a daily basis we have fundamentally accumulated what we feel is an over whelming job to tackle. This is not true. We get you back to basics and bridge the gap”.

“My goal is to educate; and empower everyone I work with! I will provide all the motivation and information you need to create a wellness plan that works for your company’s healthy lifestyle. I am committed to helping people realize their own potential and achieve wonderful health. I take an integrative approach to wellness, with a comprehensive focus on nutrition, lifestyle balance, natural ways to relieve stress, and customized programs to support optimal health and well-being”.

Pierce has landed coverage in print and broadcast with the Evening Herald as a weekly columnist and a regular spot on radio show lifeline. He has represented some of the leading nutritional product manufacturers in the country, responsible for educating and training physicians, consumers and retailers. He has featured as a speaker, educator on nutrition & fitness.

His focus is creating and teaching worksite wellness programs and working with corporate wellness workshops.

Pierce is a certified coach, physical trainer, he is passionate about people’s health and wellness. He has studied with the national university of and holds multiple awards. As a health & wellness coach, WellnessCoach.ie will have the ability to qualify future Wellness Coaches. With over 22 years’ experience Pierce has great presence and a natural ability to deliver.

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Day Course

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We have a course running on the 25tth Deptember 2018

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